La Sèquia de Manresa – II (Catalonia)

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Some time ago, I published another photograph of ‘La Sèquia,’ a 26 km water canal constructed in the 14th century to provide water to Manresa from the Llobregat River. In that post, I shared a little about the history behind this important medieval achievement.

This was taken not far from the previous shot, near Sallent, between a farm called ‘El Mas de la Coves’ (the farm with the caves) and an aqueduct with the same name. In fact, you can see how the water disappears inside into the aqueduct to let the traveler pass from one end of this long water canal to the other.

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Riera de Santa Fe (Catalonia)

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Riera de Santa Fe (Catalonia)
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 Some time ago, I visited the Santa Fe Water Reservoir. It’s located inside the Montseny Natural Park, which is a beautiful place to visit year round, between the province of Girona and the province of Barcelona in Catalonia.

Before reaching the reservoir, you have to walk side by side with ‘La Riera de Santa Fe,’ a small stream of water responsible for filling the reservoir. The landscape was gorgeous and a stop to take some pictures was a must.

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Enchanted Rocks (Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Catalonia)

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This forest is located in the province of Girona, in Catalonia. The beech trees and massive rocks have been here for many thousands of years. This magical forest, with a quiet landscape, is a place with many legends.

One of these legends tells the story of a demon who lived here. Each time he would get upset, he would grab a rock and push it down the hill toward the houses of ‘Sant Feliu de Pallerols.’ The villagers were tired of trying to bear the situation, so they prayed to God. God sent an angel and the angel chained all the rocks down. After that, the devil was terribly bored and left to find a new place t where he could torment more people.

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Le Mans Medieval Streets (France)

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Le Mans Old Town
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Le Mans is well known because of ‘The 24 Hours du Mans,’ one of the most unique automobile races in the world. However, the city offers much more to see than that and walking around the old town, known as the Cité Plantagenet, is a unique experience.

Unlike other medieval quarters in France, Le Mans is completely separate from the modern part of the city. Walking through its’ narrow streets, you can see stone houses with intricate details, timbered buildings, and the lovely slate roofs common to this area of France.

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La Sèquia de Manresa (Catalonia)

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La Sèquia de Manresa (Catalonia)
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The Sèquia is a medieval canal built in the 14th century to bring the Llobregat River’s water from Balsareny to Manresa.

Designed by engineer Guillem Catà, it is considered one of the leading hydraulic engineering works of the medieval period. It is 26 kilometers long, but only has 10 meters of slope along its route, a fact that is unusual considering the rudimentary means available at the time. To make this possible, they built mines and about thirty aqueducts. Some of these aqueducts, such as Conangle, Vilar, and Santa Maria, are considered true monuments, even in today’s optimal conditions.

But the most important fact of the Sèquia is that is still fully operational and provides water for the city of Manresa and several villages in the region of Bages, six centuries after its construction…

Did you know about this canal? In addition to being an architectural triumph, it is a nice place to visit.

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Llobregat River (Catalonia)

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Llobregat River (Catalonia)
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The night before I took this photograph of the Llobregat River, it rained a lot and the water was brown and muddy. I thought this was curious, because the name of the river, Llobregat, originates from an ancient Latin word meaning ‘dark’, ‘sorrowful’, or ‘muddy’.

The Llobregat, at 170 kilometers long, is the second longest river in Catalonia. The source is in the limits of ‘Castellar de n’Hug’ in the Cadí Mountains, and it ends in the Mediterranean Sea in the city of ‘El Prat de Llobregat,’ near Barcelona.

I took this photo from a bridge near Balsareny town. I am always captivated by a full-running river. What about you?

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Lost in the Woods

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Lost in the Woods
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The day I took this photograph, I was not exactly lost, but after an hour inside the forest, I was not able to locate the particular spot I had in mind. Granted, this visit occurred more than fifteen years ago, before the GPS revolution, but was still disappointed I couldn’t find my intended location.

However, there is always an opportunity to capture a great photo; it is just a matter of looking around and try to convey what you feel in what you see. What do you think?

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