Yellow Foot (Craterellus Aurora)

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Yellow Foot (Camagroc, Craterellus Aurora)
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Fall is the best season to forage for mushrooms in Catalonia. This year has been bountiful and the forest has been filled with people carrying out wicker baskets full of beautiful mushrooms.

After I had filled my own basket a few days ago, I photographed one of my favorite mushrooms, the Yellow Foot (“Camagroc” in Catalan).

The Yellow Foot is an amazing mushroom. It has a strong flavor, making it perfect for use in many different recipes: from omelets and risottos to stews and soups. Not only is it delicious, it is beautiful.

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La Serra dels Bufadors (Catalonia)

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Recently, I had a fantastic time exploring “La Serra dels Bufadors,” a mountain range located near Santa Maria de Besora between the Osona and Ripolles regions.

The views are spectacular high in the mountain range. What is more incredible, however, is the strange inner corridor you can find between the peaks. It appears that, at some point, the mountain cracked and split apart, creating a unique and fragile micro-ecosystem.

Holes can be found in the soil. Passing them, we could feel cold air escaping and, sometimes, we could feel how the air whistles inside. This whistling noise is where the name Bufadors (blowers) comes from.

Many of the principal holes have been explored by speleologists. However, because of the unstable terrain and the danger that it represents, the interest in studying and exploring them has decreased.

Click on the next video for more photos and footage from this amazing place! I welcome your comments!

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Never Ending Summer at ‘La Fageda d’en Jordà’ (Catalonia)

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Neverending Summer at La Fageda dèn Jordà
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Today I visited one of my favorite forests in Catalonia. “La Fajeda d’en Jordà” is a beautiful place and each time I visit, I discover new secrets. It’s almost flat—it is covered by small hills of varying sizes, known locally as “tossols”—and full of small paths.

The idea was to capture a fantastic set of autumn photos. However, like the past few years, the weather has had different plans…On this visit, the temperature was too high—it looks like summer—and only a few leaves are starting to change the color.

The forest is part of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa Territory. If you like nature, live in Catalonia, or are planning to visit Barcelona and the surrounding area, I definitely recommend making a detour to this beautiful forest. You will enjoy it!

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The Puigmal seen from the ‘Collet de les Barraques’ (Catalan Pyrenees)

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The Puigmal seen from the ‘Collet de les Barraques’ in Catalonia
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Recently, I was foraging for mushrooms near the ‘El Collet de les Barraques’ in the Catalan Pyrenees. I wasn’t very lucky with the mushrooms, but I was happily surprised by green tones of the season on the landscape—the summer was ending and I decided I was wiser to capture photos instead of mushrooms.

On the left, you can see the peak of The Puigmal. At 2,909 meters, it is one of the highest peaks in the eastern Pyrenees and acts as a natural border between France and Catalonia.



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Streets of Mura (Catalonia)

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Streets of Mura (Catalonia)
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Mura is an idyllic village located inside the beautiful natural park of ‘Sant LLorenç del Munt I Serra de l’Obac’ in the province of Barcelona. As nearly all the houses are made of stone, it reminds one of medieval times.

A narrow set of streets, stairs, and ramps were constructed around the Sant Martí Church a long time ago to create the village we see today. It is not very big—you can tour the entire village in just a few hours—but the trip is worth it.

By the way, What do you prefer to visit while traveling, small picturesque towns or big cities?

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La Sèquia de Manresa – II (Catalonia)

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Some time ago, I published another photograph of ‘La Sèquia,’ a 26 km water canal constructed in the 14th century to provide water to Manresa from the Llobregat River. In that post, I shared a little about the history behind this important medieval achievement.

This was taken not far from the previous shot, near Sallent, between a farm called ‘El Mas de la Coves’ (the farm with the caves) and an aqueduct with the same name. In fact, you can see how the water disappears inside into the aqueduct to let the traveler pass from one end of this long water canal to the other.

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Riera de Santa Fe (Catalonia)

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Riera de Santa Fe (Catalonia)
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 Some time ago, I visited the Santa Fe Water Reservoir. It’s located inside the Montseny Natural Park, which is a beautiful place to visit year round, between the province of Girona and the province of Barcelona in Catalonia.

Before reaching the reservoir, you have to walk side by side with ‘La Riera de Santa Fe,’ a small stream of water responsible for filling the reservoir. The landscape was gorgeous and a stop to take some pictures was a must.

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