Brotons Mill (Moià, Catalonia)

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Brotons Mill (Moià, Catalonia)
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I was looking for a new place to visit with my camera when I found about Brotons Mill. I was really surprised to see how close to my home it is, that I decided to visit it even with a not very promising weather report. It was a cold day, and the clouds were thick. It looked like it was going to start raining but only a few tiny droplets found their path to the ground.

The mill it’s also know as Tosca Mill because of the waterfall on the left of the photo. It’s located in The Marfà Valley, in Moia, the capital of the recently created Moianès “comarca” –something similar to a county–.

It was constructed in 1608 in a landscape of great beauty taking advantage of the natural hollow space dug by water erosion. And it was producing flour till 1863 when an unprecedented flood tragically ends with the life of the miller and his family.

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Plaça del Vi (Girona, Catalonia)

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I took this photograph during the  Sant Narcis festivities in Girona a few months ago. There are plenty of activities during those days, and I had a great time visiting the city with a friend. These series of arches are from La Plaça del Vi (Wine Square); it’s a lovely square with arcades on every side.

In this square you can find some interesting buildings, like the Palau del General, a Gothic-Renaissance building that housed the Catalan government administration of Girona in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the City Hall and the Municipal Theatre, a remarkable 19th century theatre that is among the most interesting in Catalonia.


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Cala dels Frares (Lloret de Mar, Catalonia)

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Cala dels Frares (Lloret de Mar, Catalonia)
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A few weeks ago, I decided to visit the “Cala dels Frares.” It is just a 10-minute walk from the main beach in “Lloret de Mar,” a popular holiday resort between Girona and Barcelona.

That day, the inlet was overcrowded by other photographers and I decided to take photos in nearby spot. However, winter is the best season to capture a good sunrise over the inlet and, after checking the weather report, I decided to return a week later. That time I got much luckier; the weather was perfect and it give me the opportunity to capture some beautiful sunrises, like this one.

“Cala dels Frares” literally means “Inlet of the Monks” but it has nothing to do with the religious men. The name refers the large rocks on the coastline; for a long, long time, local people have been referring to them as monks.

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Roques Encantades III (Catalonia)

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Roques Encantades III (Catalonia)
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This time of year, I like to review all of my unpublished photos and pull out a few winners. In this case, I chose this image from last summer’s visit to “Les Roques Encantades” (The Enchanted Rocks).

This is a magical forest—always quiet, with huge boulders living in harmony with the beech trees. It’s also a place of many legends; most of them were born during medieval times when the area was shaken by several earthquakes and some of these rocks ended up in the nearby town of Sant Feliu de Pallerols. Some peasants believe that they had been cursed and others thought it was a demon throwing rocks at them.

If you have the opportunity to visit Catalonia, be sure to stop by this forest. It is one of the hidden places not many people know about, but it is the perfect place for a hike. The forest is located on the Girona province, near “El Santuari de la Salut” (Health Sanctuary), and not far from the beautiful Rupit medieval town, in the Collsacabra region.


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D’en Plaja Castle (Lloret de Mar, Catalonia)

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D'en Plaja Castle (Lloret de Mar, Catalonia)
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A few days ago I decided to visit “La Cala dels Frares” (Inlet of the Monks) in Lloret de Mar. However, when I was there, the place was so overcrowded by other photographers that I only took a few photos before returning to Sa Caleta to capture some images of this curious castle on the beach before the sun was too high in the sky.

This building, situated at the end of the Sa Caleta beach, is in fact a house-castle built by Narcís Plaja, a Girona industrialist. The project, dating from 1935, was the work of the architect Isidor Bosch but was not completed until the 1940s, once the Spanish Civil War was over.

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Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year 2016

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It’s certainly been an amazing year… and I will like to share with you this video with my best photos of 2015.

Wishing you and your family all the warmth this Holiday Season has to offer; have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with peace and joy.


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Serra dels Bufadors II (Catalonia)

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Serra dels Bufadors II (Catalonia)
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This is another photo from my last year’s trip to La Serra dels Bufadors, a mountain range located near Santa Maria de Besora in Catalonia.

This is a unique place with a fragile micro-ecosystem. At some point, the mountain cracked and split apart, creating a corridor between the peaks. When you enter the corridor, you feel like you have been transported to a different place, with different weather, different vegetation, and different trees than the ones in the surrounding areas.

This particular photo was taken in the middle of corridor, the walls are tall here and the trees are growing as much as they can to catch the light. It’s curios the different between the two walls: one of them is completely covered by moss, and the other is not. This is because the sun didn’t catch on of the sides, not even in summer.

There are many holes in the soil; passing them we could feel air escaping from the earth and, sometimes, we could hear the air whistles inside. The whistling noise is where the name Bufadors (“blowers” in Catalan) comes from. Many of the principal holes have been explored by speleologists. However, because of the unstable terrain and the danger that it represents, the interest in studying and exploring them has decreased. On this website, you can see the vast inner world that can be found underground.

Check the next video for more photos and footage from my trip. I welcome your comments!


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