A Narrow Alley in Le Mans (France)

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A Narrow Alley in Le Mans (France)
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I didn’t travel a lot in the last months but if you work for the same company I do it’s difficult not to visit Le Mans, at least once a year, for the famous car race of ‘The 24 Hours du Mans’. I didn’t have much time to spend with the camera but I was happy to visit the old town, known as Cité Plantagenet, one more time.

I did it at night, with some friends, and it was amazing to see how different it looks from daylight. We ended up visiting a part of the city I didn’t know from my previous visits; and discovering new hidden places around the old streets like this narrow alley.

Unlike other medieval quarters in France, the Cité Plantagenet is completely separate from the modern part of the city. Walking through its’ narrow streets, you can see stone houses with intricate details, timbered buildings, and the lovely slate roofs common to this area of France.

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Girona Cathedral Cloisters (Catalonia)

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Girona Cathedral Cloisters (Catalonia)
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I captured this photo in the cloister of Girona’s Cathedral during the “Temps de Flors” Festival (Flower Time). During the festival, many well-known places around the city are decorated with tons of flowers, offering a great visual spectacle for locals and tourists alike.

It was a pleasure to walk around the city, but when I reached cloister I was even more amazed by the views. Perhaps capturing this photo at night was not the best way to convey the beauty of the place, but even at that moment, when I saw the mix of flowers with the Romanesque architecture, I had to set my tripod and take this photograph.

This is one of the most important cloisters in Catalonia; it’s located on the north side of the Cathedral and dates from the last few years of the 12th century. The pillars have fine reliefs that illustrate biblical stories: the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Cain and Abel, Hell, Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob and Rachel with Laban. The intervening capitals have very varied motifs; the north gallery is the only one without biblical or historical scenes. Elsewhere there are capitals illustrating Noah in the vineyard, Samson, Lazarus, and the nativity. The remaining capitals depict hunting scenes, animals and mythical beasts, and foliage.

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Rupit (Catalonia)

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Rupit (Catalonia)
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A few weeks ago, when I went to visit the Sallent waterfall, I was a little bit disappointed because there was not much water. However, my path started in Rupit and strolling around this medieval town, with its old stone houses and natural stone streets, is always a pleasure.

The town grew around the castle of Rupit, in a narrow ridge above the river, with the streets climbing up the hill. Nowadays, the only visible remainder of the castle is this vertical wall behind the houses in the photo.

If you ever visit Catalonia, this is a place you don’t want to miss. It’s only at 100 kilometers from Barcelona, and it’s worth spending one day visiting the town and its beautiful surroundings.

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The Cathedral Basement (Girona, Catalonia)

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The Cathedral Basement (Girona, Catalonia)
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Every year Girona is filled with thousands of flowers to celebrate “Temps de Flors” (Flower Time), one of the most important Catalan flower shows. In this latest 59th edition, 185 different free exhibitions were opened to the public for more than a week. Most of the spots are in the open air, so tourists can appreciate them while strolling through the heart of this medieval city; others are inside historical buildings and patios, as in the case of this photograph.

After a few years of being closed because of archeological excavations, the Cathedral basement—one of the most emblematic spots of the festival—has been reopened. It was quite impressive. When inside, I was amazed by the contrast between the colorful grass and the dull tones of the walls.

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Montblanc Medieval Festival (Catalonia)

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A Lord from The Montblanc Medieval Festival


A few weeks ago, I was visiting one of the most important medieval festivals in Catalonia. For two weeks, the ancient streets and squares of Montblanc, a well-preserved medieval town with an entire set of walls and towers, are festooned with the colors of four noble houses and embellished with the noble flags and standards.

There are many performances around the city with warriors, parades, popular dances, and different artisans to show you how those days used to be. You can delight yourself with a delicious medieval banquet or simply enjoy strolling around the city.

However, the most important act is the performance of Saint George and the Dragon legend, performed by local actors and actresses, in which the Saint kills a dragon and saves the Princess from death.

For a few examples of what you can see at the festival, view the full gallery here: Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015.


knights Fight - Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015

The King - Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015

Innkeeper - Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015

Horse Riders Knights - Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015

Lords - Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015

Essences and Incense Merchant - Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015

Scrivener - Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015

Blacksmith - Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015

Eagle - Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015

These a few photos from this event, you can also see the full gallery on this link: Montblanc Medieval Festival 2015.

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Carpe Diem (Barcelona, Catalonia)

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Carpe Diem (Barcelona, Catalonia)
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I took this photo during a morning stroll that I take from the Olympic Port in Barcelona to La Barceloneta, a nice neighborhood at the seashore. This part of the city is full clubs and restaurants. Therefore, when I first saw this colorful “Carpe Diem” sign, I was not sure what it was. But it caught my eye and I knew I wanted to shoot it.

When I got home, I did a brief search on Internet and discovered “The Carpe Diem” is a restaurant and lounge club; and judging by the reviews, I found the perfect place to have fun and a great meal.

You can also see the Hotel Arts Tower, with steel armor around it, and the Mapfre tower in the background. Both are an identical height of 154 meters and were constructed around 1992, just before the Barcelona Olympic Games. In fact, the Hotel Arts is part of La Barceloneta district, but the Mapfre tower was constructed as a part of the Olympic Village of Poblenou.

You can also notice the odd form of “El Peix D” (The Golden Fish) in front of the Hotel Arts; it is a large metal sculpture designed by Frank Gehry.

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La Foradada (Cantonigròs, Catalonia)

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La Foradada (Cantonigròs, Catalonia)
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A few weeks ago, I received a photo of a friend in front of this beautiful waterfall. I had been thinking about visiting this spot for a long time and when I saw the large amount of water in the photo, I could not resist visiting it on my next free day.

It was not the best day to take photos—the clouds were covering the sky like a grey blanket and it looked as if it would start raining at any time. However, I am happy with my decision. I had a nice time taking photos in a place worth visiting.

La Foradada, which literally means ‘with a hole,’ was named after the big hole in the rock face in the left side of the photo. With a 15-meter fall, it is quite impressive and in the summer, it is a great place to swim and cool off.

You can find this beautiful waterfall in the Collsacabra region, not far from a little town called Cantonigròs situated in central Catalonia, which is a peaceful place about 100 kilometers from Barcelona.

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