Carrer de la Goleta (Guimerà, Catalonia)

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Carrer de la Goleta (Guimerà, Catalonia) Free 4K HD Wallpaper
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Guimerà is a charming medieval village. The old town climbs from the foot of the Corb River to the old castle that presides over the town. There is a steep slope until you can reach the top, which makes the village a small maze with very narrow, unique-looking streets.

Without a doubt, Carrer de la Goleta is one of the most photographed in the town. Its arches give it an imposing appearance, but above all they allow the sun to enter while forming a spectacle of light and shadow throughout the day.

📍 Carrer de la Goleta, Guimerà, Urgell (Catalonia)

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