Tines del Ricardo (Vall del Flequer, Catalonia)

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Tines del Ricardo (Vall del Flequer, Catalonia) Free 4K HD Wallpaper
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I recently visited La Vall del Flequer, inside the Sant LLorenç del Munt I l'Obac Natural Park. Although the whole area is now covered with pine trees, 150 years ago, it was all vineyard land. Today, the only evidence of this is the old stone vats and a few barracks where the wine was made.

These are the Tines del Ricardo, one of the ensembles you will find when visiting the Valley. The fog was a great ally in taking photos, but if you don't want to get too cold, you better wait for a more sunny day!

📍 Tines del Ricardo, La Vall del Flequer, Catalonia

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