- Montserrat Mountain (Catalonia)

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- Montserrat Mountain (Catalonia) Free 4K HD Wallpaper
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About this photo

Montserrat is one of the most significant mountains in Catalonia, a place that you cannot forget to visit if you are planning a trip to our little country.

On one side it is an important pilgrimage site, with one of the oldest medieval Benedictine monasteries in Catalonia, and you will be also able to see La Moreneta, the 12th century Black Virgin that has become the Catalan patron saint.

On the other side, Montserrat it is a multi-peaked rocky range that was declared a natural park in 1987 to protect its geological characteristics that make this mountain unique in the world. There is plenty of footpaths that you will be able to go all over while discovering amazing views on every corner.

On this photograph, you can see a little bit of both worlds, the mountain, and the Montserrat Monastery nestled in the crags of the mountain.

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