Sunrise At Cala Estreta (Palamòs, Catalonia)

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Sunrise At Cala Estreta (Palamòs, Catalonia) Free 4K HD Wallpaper
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During my last visit to Calella de Palafrugell, I planned to take a route along the coast. The idea was to visit several inlets including Cala Estreta, a narrow cove that belongs to Palamós. It is a fantastic place to visit, definitely a must-see location if you ever visit the Costa Brava.

That day I couldn’t make it, but I promise to myself to visit it as soon as possible. After all, it is summertime!

I finally made the trip this week; but when I got there, I was not exactly in my best mood. I miscalculated how much time it will take to walk to the cove. And when I got there, half of the sun was already visible.

Furthermore, the beach was not as empty as expected; it was a genuine shock to find people camping on the shore. I didn’t know that it was allowed, but it seems like a great way to be in contact with nature. Maybe I will do the same on my next visit. At least, I will not have to get up at 4:00 AM to see the sunrise!

I must say that after a few minutes taking photos while enjoying these magnificent views, and listening to the sound of the waves like background music, all the stress from arriving late disappeared as though by magic.

By the way, this is a naturist beach; I didn’t know that in advance, but it was not difficult to notice it in my way back to the car. At that time the tents were replaced by naked people sunbathing on the narrow shore.

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