The Amphitheatre of Tarraco (Tarragona, Catalonia)

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The Amphitheatre of Tarraco (Tarragona, Catalonia) Free 4K HD Wallpaper
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This is the arena of the ancient Tarraco, one of the many jewels of the Roman era that you will find in Tarragona. If you haven't visited, don't think about it, there's a lot to see, and if you get tired you can always rest on the nearby beach!

It seems to be entirely out of place, but you can see the ruins of Santa Maria del Miracle in the middle of the arena. This church from the 12th century replaced a basilica from the 6th century dedicated to the martyrs Fructus, Augurius, and Eulogius. All of them were burned alive in this place.

📍 Tarraco Amphitheater, Tarragona, Catalonia.

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